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Cross-border payment goals and main design features


These goals are formulated according to the following principles:


(1) The goals are directly related to the challenges;


(2) The goals have clear phased indicators;

(3) The goals are forward-looking;

(4) The goals can meet the interests of most people.

The following contents should be taken into consideration when setting the goals:


(1) The proposed goals involve the cost, speed, accessibility, and transparency challenges, which have direct and meaningful relationships.

(2) Only a small number of goals are set so that stakeholders can clearly focus on achieving these goals.

(3) The goal setting should be comprehensive and clear, avoiding too trivial goals to achieve the flexibility of the overall goal.

(4) The goal should focus on the end-user experience.

(5) Setting a clear date for the goal is the key to the establishment of an accountability mechanism.

(6) In order to conveniently and objectively measure whether these goals have been achieved, quantitative goals should be settled.

(7) Therefore, it is necessary to develop a set of key indicators and determine the department data. The goal is set on a global scale, and the progress of the goal is measured in a global context objectively.

(8) As a sustainable development goal of the United Nations, the international remittance goal has been recognized by the G20 and should be reflected in the goal plan.


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