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On the day when someone is losing his job and wiping away tears, even on that day, someone is getting promotion in the job and giving treats in expensive restaurants. Please read this blog carefully because this is not only a story, this is a life changing motivation.


The day someone leaves you because of not being able to do something in life, even on the day when an established boy has got the biodata of marriage of some girls.

Seriously think about life without sitting on your hands and knees. He gave his life time under the neem tree and now he says why is life so bitter?


Whose fault was it? He who has nothing, has none. No one puts money in a broken chest, no one takes care of a broken watch. Why don’t you understand this simple calculation?

When you are writing the frustration of the world at night and collecting sympathy in the comments with the status on Facebook, then maybe someone on the other side is freelancing at night.

You get a lot of sympathy in the comments, and he gets money in the account. The calculation is very simple – he got what he worked for.

One of your friends was busy with class assignments and notes when you used to hang out with your friends at daddy restaurants with your father’s money in student life and check in on Facebook.

The result at the end of a few years – he now becomes a senior officer at a large company when he holds official meetings in expensive restaurants, and you look for job advertisements while having tea at a tong shop with a weak CGPA certificate. There must be such a difference!

Enjoy at the age when you are supposed to conquer life, so when you enjoy, you are struggling to overcome unemployment; Enjoy is a far cry.

When your friend is looking for a bride to become a BCS cadre or a bank officer, you are looking for a small job to survive. Because when you were dating by class, this friend of yours would sit in class and take notes. None of your dating partners today. They are the life partners of someone established today.

At the end of the day, he said in frustration – ‘Damn, bad luck’! No dear, you are totally wrong. Your destiny has not brought you here today, you have brought your destiny so low. How do you expect the fragrance of flowers from the dirt next to the house? The result of the work you have done and so on.

So we have time to understand the value of time. Because every moment is very important in life.

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