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(BAD HUSBAND) Would you be happy if your husband’s character bad?


(BAD HUSBAND) Would you be happy if your husband's character bad?

I am unmarried and there is no special person and there is no crush. So it is very difficult to answer this question.


All I want is to be by my side in my right desires and if I do something wrong, he will correct me just like my father does. Dad has been holding on to me a lot since he got sick and now I want someone who will be by my side like a friend.

Of course truthful. The groom lies most with the wife. And wants to hide everything. But the most deserving of knowing a husband completely is his wife. Then he is faithful. Boredom will not come with it. Do not do injustice + do not tolerate it.

I don’t have a list of people of my own imaginary choice, but now I see that most of them are related only to their duties and responsibilities. I want love beyond that.


In the end, the relationship is two-way. So I need to check the ego too.


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