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5 tips to increase your organic reach on Facebook


5 tips to increase your organic reach on Facebook

5 Essential Tips to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook.


Post reach, meanwhile, is the number of unique users who saw a specific post you made.

Page reach, also called total reach on Facebook Insights, is a metric that tells you how many unique users looked at any content related to your Facebook Page in a given time period.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, on to the tips!


1. Mix up your post formats

Our first tip for extending your organic reach on Facebook is to test out a wide variety of post types.

If you mostly post images and your reach has been falling off lately, try creating a few videos and see how they perform. If your videos aren’t getting the same reach they used to, try making link posts that highlight content your audience will love.

2. Go live and be authentic!

Speaking of trying out new Facebook post types, we highly recommend working with live video content and Stories.

Live video is unique in that it creates a genuine sense of community in the comments section. Everyone is sharing the same experience at the same time, so they all have a common touchpoint to connect over.

3. Find your best time to post

When you post content to Facebook matters almost as much as the content itself. If you share an amazing article at 4 AM, by the time your target audience wakes up it will already be lost at the bottom of their News Feeds.

Instead, use your Facebook analytics to determine when your fans are online. You can see peak days and times for your followers on your Page Insights in the Posts section.

4. Focus on engagement first

Do Facebook posts get high engagement because they have high reach, or do they get high reach because they have high engagement?

While this is a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg question, some of the Facebook algorithm changes showed that engagement has more impact on reach than reach has on engagement.

5. Start a contest

One of the best ways to get users interested in your content is to start a contest or sweepstakes on your Facebook page. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

You can really boost your organic reach by running a contest that encourages people to comment on your post.


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