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3 Most Important Questions About Your Life


3 Most Important Questions About Your Life

In this article I will answer 3 questions. Which will helps you in making decisions. You will also write your answers in the diary with questions. This is very important for your life.


1) Where do you want to live permanently in the future?

I can’t say in this article where I want to do it permanently in the future. But the final decision is where I will live permanently.

Maybe after 10 years I will have a permanent new address. I will have a small house between the mountains and the sea. I will sit there and practice creativity. I will do writing and video for life. Maybe new hobbies will be added, including drawing and scouting. And traveling is my favorite hobby.


2) Who do you want to be with forever?

I am in doubt about the answer to this question. Everyone wants to live with a loved one until the last moment of life. However, the Memsaheb that I need is not alive at present. That’s why I have to go a thousand years ago. Since time travel is not possible, I will live with my birth.

There will be a cat, library. Besides, I don’t want anything else. I cherish minimalism in my heart. I sincerely believe that the greatest knowledge is to know oneself. That’s why he finds himself in my writing. This exploration will probably not end. It is better not to finish.

3) What do you want to do?

Answering this question is still a bit obscure for me. However, I can swear that I will continue writing books and making videos in the future. I don’t know if Cora will be on the priority list. But every year I will make a book and a video for YouTube as a hobby. But as a hobby.

Moreover, the desire to be a researcher has been with me since childhood. I can say that I will be a researcher. Besides, I have been wanting to travel since I was a child when I was on the St. Martin’s tour alone when I was 15 years old.

Want to do research, content creation and travel.

Now the work of those who are reading my answer is –

You also write the answers to these 3 questions. Believe that the answers to these 3 questions will help you to think anew.

Most of the people who read my writing are school-college-university students. I actually write for you. Keep a diary and a pen with you when you read my writing.

You know what I do !!!

I always keep a diary and a pen with me. When I write down in a diary where I can learn a new letter. So my diary is worth billions of dollars.

Do you have a billion dollar diary!

I have a video on my YouTube channel on how to write a diary. Take a hard look. It will be useful.

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