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History of the invention of the calculator.


History of the invention of the calculator.

Today I would like to talk about something that we would not be able to do without it, without which we can not even imagine a moment. Which has made our calculations much easier. So the thing is a calculator. This device is very popular for all of us who study and do business. Many have taken it as an integral part of life.


History of calculator.

We usually do many things in order to make our lives easier. Calculators are no exception. We needed them, so we invented them. However, the class is much wider and wider.

Attempts have been made to discover it since ancient times. In ancient times people used to count first with a stick, then with the stick they started counting with something else. Sometimes it is seen that flocks of sheep or buffaloes used to count these.


Calculator’s inventor and facts.

The first calculator was invented by a mathematician in 1970. That mathematician is the famous mathematician Pascal. He was the first to invent this device.

Although later rebuilt, either its foundation or the original structure remains the same. It was later rebuilt by another company in 1980. They made this device by working according to Pascal’s idea.

Types and types of calculators.

There are different types of calculators. We usually divide it into two categories. One is a simple calculator and the other is a scientific calculator. General Calculators We basically do different types of calculations which are very simple. On the other hand, many complex calculations can be done with a scientific calculator.

Those who get higher education use more scientific calculators. And for those who do bookkeeping, a simple calculator is enough. This simple calculator is mainly used at low level. Its structure and the processor inside it is very normal. But the processor of the scientific calculator is much wider.

Advantages and disadvantages of calculator.

We cannot express the benefits in words. This device has become so widespread in our lives that we can only imagine it for our calculations. It is an integral part of our accounting. What used to take hours to calculate is now just a matter of seconds. And this impossible task is made possible by the calculator.

Before the invention of the calculator, it was seen that we used to employ many employees just to do the calculations. But after the invention of the calculator, this work was no longer done, meaning that we can all use it.

It goes without saying that there is no harm in the calculator. However, it can be seen that some students or some people calculate very small numbers with the help of some instrument. This has made us dependent on instruments. We have entered the age of mechanization a lot. One day it will be seen that the machine is controlling us which is very difficult and it must not be allowed to happen. After all, we need it and its importance is immeasurable.


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