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Termux Hacking Tools For Facebook, Gmail, Youtube [ Social Phishing Tools ]

Today we will learn how to use facebook hacking tools and how to create fb phishing tools with termux.  Termux Phishing Tools For Facebook, Gmail, Youtube [ Social Phising Tools ]

With these tools, I will see how various social media accounts can be hacked, including Facebook phishing tool, Gmail phishing tool, Instagram phishing tool, youtube auto view etc using termux tools command.


Table Of Content(toc)


What Is Phishing ?

Phishing is a step in an effort by cybercriminals/hacker to obtain important information such as usernames, passwords, credit cards, debit cards, bank account numbers, etc. for malicious use.  They send phishing urls or emails to allow their victims to access all kinds of social information, including Facebook, email, Instagram, on a fake website to look like a legitimate website.  When the victim enters that link and gives information, it goes to the hacker.  This is how phishing attacks are carried out.


How to use Termux Hacking Tools with Mix Tool 

Many hacking or phishing links can be created through mix tools, with which the victim can be attacked.  This is the best working termux hacking tools / Termux phishing tools and fully coded by python. In this tools many more features like;

  1.  PHISING V1
  2.  PHISING V2
  3.  PHISING V3
  4.  PHISING V4
  6.  Hack fb target
  7.  Hack fb massal
  8.  Hack fb Target+Massal
  9.  Hack FB ans    (#root)
  10.  Hack Instagram (#root)
  11.  Hack Twitter   (#root)
  12.  Hack Gmail     (#root)
  13.  Fb Info
  14.  Santet Online
  15.  Spam IG
  16.  Spam WA
  17.  Spam Sms
  18.  Youtube AutoView (#root)
  19.  Tembak Kuota XL
  20.  Tembak Cewe(khusus jones )
  21.  Cara Guna Tool/Tutorial Singkat

First of all, You need to download Termux Apps.

Then Open Termux Terminal and type the following steps. 

☞   apt update(code-box)

☞    apt upgrade(code-box)

☞    pkg install git(code-box)

☞    pkg install python(code-box)

☞    pkg install python2(code-box)

Now you need to clone github link. Type 

☞   git clone

☞   cd MIXINGS(code-box)

☞   bash

Then, you need to wait few minute for complete the tool installation. 

Then, Type 

Username ➤  Mbest

Password ➤  S3MP4K

Mix Tool Username – Password

Then, type your target tool number and press Enter.

 Now enjoy your day 🙂

◑ More Termux Tools 

How to Protect Against Social Media Phishing Attack 

  • If a unkown gives you a link or an email, you should refrain from clicking on it.
  •  Simple username, password cannot be entered (Enter the password using different symbols, capitals, small letters and numbers)
  •  Must have two step verification turned on (if any)
  •  Refrain from using unnecessary or unkown websites or apps. These are usually risky.


We are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.This is only for educational perpose. Use this tool at your own risk!(alert-warning)

Conclusion : Mix Tool is facebook hacking tools / Social phishing Tools using Termux. It is possible to find out how to get other people’s social information easily through these tools.  And learn how to protect yourself from phishing attacks. Termux Hacking Tools For Facebook, Gmail, Youtube [ Social Phising Tools ]

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