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Old Facebook Account Clone Using Termux [ FB ID Clone ]

Today I will show you, Old Facebook Account Clone Using Termux Commands 2021 and How to hack Facebook account with termux tools | Hack Without login.  Bangladeshi and Pakistani And Indian FB Clone Tools

Old Facebook Account Clone Using Termux

What is Facebook Clone?

  Facebook clone means giving him an FB ID number or the same number password.  Facebook cloning is usually different from other cloning.  Because in Facebook id cloning, it is possible to hack or access or Clone Facebook account using Termax, Kali Linux, GitHub tools and Python tool or other hacking tools.


  Because, most of the Facebook accounts hacked by Facebook cloning have very simple passwords.  E.g., 1234567890, abcdefg, (own mobile number)

  For example, if someone creates a Facebook account using their mobile number and uses that number as a password, here the hacker can clone this Facebook ID using Tarmax tools and various hacking tools to hack the Facebook account.


Table Of Content(toc)

These tool are fully coded in Python language. Facebook ID cloning without login using Termux Commands, this tool also have this features.Facebook Old Id Clone can be done easily with all the tools.(alert-success)

  It is very easy to clone FB Id, without giving any kind of security on Facebook, or by sharing your phone number with others, etc. Spammer can take access to Facebook id in various ways.

I will share new tricks blew – How to clone fb old id with termux. No log in required. 

First Of All, You need to Download Termux Apps From Playstore. 

Then, Open Termux App and Type blew Clone tool Commands

1. ➤ Method 

Freak Facebook Old ID Cloning Tool Without Login – All In One 

This clone working on 26 Country : 

  1. Greece
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Australia
  4. U.S.A
  5. Canada
  6. U.K
  7. China
  8. India
  9. Denmark
  10. Brazil
  11. France
  12. Japan
  13. Germany
  14. Malaysia
  15. Korea
  16. Italy
  17. Srilanka
  18. Spain
  19. Turkey
  20. Poland
  21. U.A.E
  22. Pakistan
  23. Israel
  24. Iran
  25. ..
  26. ..

More Termux Tools ➤➤ Termux Tools 

Termux Freak Tool Commands  :-

$ apt update && upgrade(code-box)

$ apt install python python2(code-box)

$ apt install git(code-box)

$ pip2 install requests mechanize(code-box)

$ git clone

$ cd Freak(code-box)

$ python2 Freak(code-box)

Username: Freak

Password: Login

Then Select Facebook Clone. Type 1

Now, Select which country you want to clone fb old id. My terget is India. Now, type country number – 4

Then, Choose any code : 

You can see hare. Indian FB ID is cloning start.

2. Method

Bangladeshi Facebook Account Cloner With Termux Commands 

$ apt update(code-box)

$ apt upgrade(code-box)

$ apt install git(code-box)

Now install python2 on your termux terminal.Type :

$ apt install python2(code-box)

After installing python, you have to clone github

$ git clone

$ cd haxorbd(code-box)

 Run Cloning Tool type : 

$ python2

USERNAME : haxor 

PASSWORD : htrtech

Now, Select the number, whats you want to crack. Suppose, I will select 2. Then Press Enter. 

Now select which operator number to clone facebook account.

I will select 1 And Press Enter. 

Now,You can see start Old Facebook ID cloning. Here you can see, Bangladeshi Clone Facebook ID Lists.

Note: Each Facebook Account will be locked.  Don’t try to login any account after the success of cloning, it can be a permanent lock. After 7 days, all Facebook accounts will be automatically unlocked then you can log in all account.(alert-success)

3. ➤ Method

Pakistani Facebook Old Account Cloner Termux 

$ apt update(code-box)

$ apt upgrade(code-box)

$ apt install git(code-box)

$ apt install python2(code-box)

$ git clone

$ cd pakcrack(code-box)

Run FB Cloning Tool : 

$ python2

USERNAME : cra3k

PASSWORD : htrtech

Bangladeshi Facebook Account Clone and Pakistani Facebook Account Clone tools will work according to same way.(alert-passed)

Usage Warning: We are posted only for educational purpose., do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information. BlogrBD is not responsible for that.This tricks applicable only fun. (alert-warning)

How To Protect Against Facebook Clone

  • The number that you will add to your Facebook ID or any social media account, you must refrain from using the number as a password there. (This the main security protect Against fb clone) 
  • Password length must be at least 10 digits a day.
  • Enter the password using different symbols, capitals, small letters and numbers.

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