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Microsoft getting Cyber Attacked in United States

Microsoft has revealed who carried out the cyber attack in the United States 

Microsoft has claimed that cyber attacks on computer systems in the United States.  They blamed the Russian-based company for it.  In a blog post, Microsoft claims that Nobellium, the Russian company involved in last year’s cyber attack on Solar Winds, has launched a new attack.


Cyber ​​attacks on hundreds of companies and organizations in the United States.  The Russian company Nobleium has been blamed by Microsoft for this.


In a blog post a few days ago, Microsoft said that the Russian company Nobleium had recently targeted other cloud reseller and technology providers.  Such attacks have been carried out as part of a wider summer campaign.  Microsoft also said it had notified 809 customers between July 1 to October 19.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.  However, Microsoft did not provide details about this.  Microsoft has confirmed directly to the media from the United States that work is still underway.  A senior administrative official blamed service providers for failing to prevent the attack.

The senior administrator thinks the attack was a bit different and common.  However, such attacks could have been prevented if the cloud service providers had implemented the basic rules of cyber security properly.


Burt said the hackers did not seek to weaken the group’s software, but instead used tactics such as phishing and password spray to gain access to targeted networks.

News agency Reuters reported that it was not immediately possible to contact U.S. cyber security officials to confirm the news of the cyber attack.

According to Microsoft, the attacks show that Russian companies want to enter the technology supply chain in the long run, in a systematic way.

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