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Free Meta Tag Generator Tools | Blogger SEO

Free Meta Tag Generator Tools | Blogger SEO Optimizer To create a title, description and robots tag  For Blogger And WordPress. 




What is Meta Tag?

A meta tag is a type of HTML code. Meta tag is a piece of information that is used to tell you about all the information in a search engine and on a website.  Which are contained in website pages or meta tags.

Metadata is very important and this is the first step for On-Page SEO. It gives Google and all search engines an idea of what is on this page.


To use meta tags, there are available Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Author, Country, and tags to index in Google.

Using meta tag tools,you can your blogger seo improve.

Meta Description: You can use this tag for a maximum of 150 words for your blog or site.  So that the main topics of your website will be mentioned. 

Meta Keyword: Use some good keywords according to the quality of your site.  So that you can easily search and find your website on GoogleBingYandex or any search Engine. This is the most useful tag for website SEO.

Meta Author: Author tag does not carry much importance for the website.  But you can use it if you wish.  If you leave it, it will not have any effect on your site

Meta Robot: It provides information to the charis engine robot.  Different information is provided in different contexts. Robot Tag is an important tag for your website, with which you can index your website in search engines.  Again, you can prevent some pages from being indexed.  Robot tags should not be used without understanding.  This can have an effect on the site.

Meta Tag Generator Tools For Blogger And WordPress 

Free Meta Tag Generator Tools Blogger

How to use HTML Meta Tag Tools

The <meta> element is primarily used to provide page descriptions, keywords, document author information, modification dates, and other metadata.

<meta name = ”description” content = ”Briefly describe your site here” />

 <meta name = ”keywords” content = ”Write the site’s focus keywords with commas” />

 <meta name = ”author” content = ”Enter the name of the owner of your or your client’s site here” />

Important Meta Tag For Blogger And WordPress 

There are some meta tags that you can use if you wish.  However, it is better not to use them.

<meta charset=”UTF-8″>(code-box)

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>(code-box)

<meta name=”revisit” content=”15 days”/>(code-box)

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”600″>(code-box)

<meta name=’url’ content=’’>(code-box)

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>(code-box)

How To Add Meta Tag In Blogger

You need to create your Metadata with this tool.Then

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard ➤ Theme ➤ Edite HTML 
  • Now Search for <head> Section 
  • Now Paste HTML Meta Tag code under <head> section. And click Save Theme

Conclusion: This is the free meta tag generator tools for blogger and wordpress. Meta Tag is the most important part of SEO. It can be helped rank on google or search engine. The HTML Meta Tag allows you to index your website or site content on Google, so that your website is optimized, and visitors can easily get to the first page on Google. Add Meta Tag in Blogger to helps a lot in website seo.


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